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Case Study: City of Tucson
Plan Tucson outlines a variety of ways that the City is prioritizing Infill & Redevelopment.
Tucson Model Infill Policies


"We want a community where: New growth is focused in infill and redevelopment areas that do not require the extension of water, sewer, and road infrastructure or facilitate sprawl; emphasizing land use patterns that improve community health and safety, increase equity, enhance environmental quality, and provide economic benefits."

The plan & website outline key messages about how infill is prioritized across 4 areas:
1. Goals
2. Policies
3. Performance Metrics
4. Partnerships
Case Study: Highlands Council, NJ
In the Highlands Regional Master Plan November 2007 the City has included a GIS analysis of the  redevelopment and infill potential and highlighted the areas with a scoring system based on five categories.
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