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Infill Strategies and Downtown Revitalization

Community Builders Webinar Series

Infill Strategies and Downtown Revitalization
Aired November 18, 2015


  • John Thomas, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Sustainable Communities Program
  • Darin Dinsmore, Founder, Crowdbrite
  • Tony Lashbrook, City Manager, Truckee, California

This webinar features new tools that promote infill development, with an example from Truckee, California. Darin Dinsmore, Founder of Crowdbrite introduces the Infill Score tool that communities can use to determine infill readiness of their community. And, Tony Lashbrook, City Manager of Truckee shares an example of successful infill development for downtown revitalization.  The webinar features innovative funding strategies, tools to attract developers and infrastructure finance tools.

View the PowerPoint presentations:

EPA Presentation

Infill Score presentation

Infill Readiness – The Truckee Experience

Additional Resources for Infill Strategies and Downtown Revitalization:

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