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Help the Buildbrite team Implement SMART Infill & Affordable Housing

Buildbrite Internship - 60 minute Challenge! 

Please complete before Sunday April 10

Our mission is to work with cities and developers to help build more affordable, vibrant and walkable communities.

In the first 6 months since launch we have 212 engaged cities in 7 Countries and across 47 states, won a national planning award and have started a movement toward cities taking a proactive approach to SMART infill.

Help us reach our goal of 1000 cities in 3 months, while helping cities use the data to accelerate change and take action.

A. Challenge

Each step should take 10 minutes to complete

Step 1 - Read About Infillscore & Watch the, video's online - review the list of communities working on SMART infill programs

Step 2 - A. Read up on Truckee's score here, B. and also the scoring system here, and C.explore the 30 Strategies here

Step 3 - Read up on your selected town (see below) such as general plan policies, affordable housing challenges/challenges, search for infill policies, and any large scale development projects in the works

Step 4 - Complete for your community to the best of your ability

Step 5 - Complete a DRAFT infill Roadmap focusing on Planning, Policies and Partnerships - you can read a completed action plan here.

Step 6 - Completing a DRAFT implementation Roadmap focusing on placemaking, funding and infrastructure

Participate in a call on Sunday at 7pm and be prepared to discuss what you learned about SMART infill, your community and the user experience of the online tools.

B. Community

Select your preferred community from:

Healdsburg, Windsor, Novato, Napa, St Helena, Sonoma, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Cotati, Santa Rosa, or another U.S. or Canadian City.

C. Collaborate

Participate in a 60 minute debrief this Sunday April 10 at 7:00 pm

Join the meeting online:

Call in Number 1.415.655.0381 

Access Code   977-987-607# 

Thanks for taking the Buildbrite 60 minute challenge and for your interest in an internship that will have global impact.

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