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SMART Infill Communities

7 Countries, including 47 States & Provinces are using Infill Score!
Cities are looking for new strategies and solutions to spur economic revitalization.  There is growing demand for SMART infill across the nation.
Cities across the country are launching revitalization programs to create more sustainable and vibrant communities. Civic leaders, planners, and elected officials are taking action and completing the first step towards community revitalization. California is leading the way with 45 communities and other states starting to catch up. With the growing demand for more transit supportive communities and walkable urban infill ... we are just getting started.

Join the 182 (02/10/16) cities already TAKING ACTION!
If you already have your score and are interested in the Roadmap Tool Signup Here.  If you are interested in an early preview of the Density Game Signup Here.
If you are struggling to finance your infrastructure in California - check out EIFDistricts.
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