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Partners & Advisors

Tony Lashbrook, Rick Holliday, Will Fleissig, Patrick Wright, Charles Long, Mary Lydon, Jim Mayer, Kate Meis, Fred Silva – and a host of civic leaders throughout California and the west.


Darin Dinsmore is the founder of Crowdbrite and Buildbrite. He's been working with the California Forward infrastructure action team to help develop new finance tools for municipalities to help implement their projects.  Working collaboratively they have launched as an online resource to connect communities to capital. We are Beta Testing new tool born out of the EPA Infill work in Fresno  -   His team has also been working on [UN]shelving city planning documents and helping to activate & implement them.  His projects have recently been featured in Fast Company magazine.

Infill SCORE is a free tool for citizens, community planners, city managers & developers.  Learn strategies to attract investment & revitalize your community.  

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